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July 11, 2015 |  600 Views
The Revenge Makeover
By GIrl X
Post break-up, whether you were the one leaving or the one left, clearly you’ll be feeling down. Perhaps what sounds most appealing at this stage is slipping on your favorite sweats, hibernating with Ben & Gerry and loosing yourself in the affairs of Downton Abbey. And this may be a fine prescription for a few weekends, but wallowing in self-pity should not become the new normal. Getting back out there may seem like the last thing you want to do, but with the help of a quick and dirty tips, re-awakening your inner goddess will happen in no time.
Hit the Gym
Even if you’re in excellent shape, there are reasons to join the gym besides toning up. Just 30 minutes of cardio is enough to produce endorphins and increase serotonin, naturally making you feel more positive and energized. Becoming a regular at the gym will also expose you to a group of men that value their health and physical stamina. Take a coed class and slip into your cutest LuLu Lemon ensemble. These days, workout gear can be hotter than your go-to little black dress.
Smell Delicious
A signature scent not only uplifts your mood, it makes an impression on everyone you come into contact with. It’s been said that vanilla is universally appealing to men, so aim for a fragrance that uses it as a base note. Grab a few samples and after the first sleepover, accidentally leave one in the bathroom or between pillows on the couch, a fragrant reminder he’ll reach for until he sees you again.
Invest in Lingerie
Why wait until you’ve nabbed a new man to feel like a sex kitten? Get ninja with your underwear collection and toss anything that’s ill-fitting, unflattering, or just plain not sexy and make room for something newer, softer, lacier, more flattering, and yes, comfortable.  And don’t forget the stockings. After date 4 or 5 (if he’s treating you like the goddess that you are) there’s nothing hotter than flashing a little garter before the main event.
Wear Red
Be it lipstick, a wrap dress or a killer pair of heels, red has a timeless come-hither quality that can’t be ignored. Next time you’re shopping for a classic LBD, try the same style in red and see how it makes you feel. Similar to the effect of fresh blow out, wearing red is an instant confidence booster.
Dress Like a Woman
When it comes to dressing up, rather than going haute couture, think feminine and flattering. Women typically dress for other women, focusing on labels and what’s considered of-the-moment. But men are much simpler creatures. They’re turned on by your curves and skin, not your Prada bag or Zadig & Voltaire tee shirt. Most men I’ve come across don’t care what label you were wearing unless it’s Victoria’s Secret or Agent Provocateur.      
Mind the Details
Lure men into approaching you with something distinctive: A flower in your hair, a statement ring, heels in a bright hue. My embroidered jeans once landed the most unforgettable opening line I’d ever heard, “your pants look like a combination of car racing and a totem pole.”  
This may seem totally obvious but you’d be surprised how many women spend hours on their hair, makeup and ensemble, looking totally hot but coming off completely unapproachable. Men rarely engage a group of hot women entranced in deep conversation. So smile, laugh, glance around the room every few minutes. Make eye contact, smile again. Leave yourself open for someone to engage you. It’s amazing how many people will end up standing near you when you are genuinely having a good time.   
In Conclusion
Bouncing back after a breakup is never easy, but focusing on being happy and feeling good rather than simply looking hot gets you over that initial sting much faster. After all, the true essence of a feminine, confident, openhearted woman is the biggest aphrodisiac around. And when you’re genuinely feeling good about yourself both inside and out—that need for revenge falls away.    


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